Our Solution


Working in partnership with the Kenyan Prison Service and other partners, Nafisika Trust runs programs in; Counselling, Education, Entrepreneurship and Re-entry.

Counselling: Nafisika runs both psycho-social and substance abuse counselling that targets prison inmates that suffer from psychological issues or have a history of substance abuse.

Education:  Many of the inmates lack the most basic writing and numeracy skills. We equip them with the skills needed to get which in turn improves their employability. We also teach basic computer literacy skills to those who already have some proficiency in reading and writing.

Employment programs: Our Employment Program consists of entrepreneurship training and business incubation projects. With partners we run an entrepreneurship course that develops self-awareness, assists with career goal-setting, and acquiring financial literacy, sales and business plan development skills.

Re-entry Programs: Before release we hold family therapy sessions so that the bond between them and their family is strengthened. Upon release we assist in the re-integration by linking individuals with prospective employers, supporting them in starting a business or get them to college to pursue higher education.