what we do

OUR WORK. Nafisika Trust is a prison rehabilitation program designed to provide vast opportunities to inmates through education, entrepreneurship and counseling helping them envision a hopeful future. The underlying purpose of Nafisika’s activities is to be an agent of positive change in the inmate’s life through education and relevant business and social skills thus enabling faster and smoother reintegration into society. Our program seeks to embrace this challenge through effective facilitation of both formal and informal learning to prepare inmates for life after prison. The mainstay of the program is to try and reduce recidivism and break the vicious cycle of crime, rejection and stigma from society that plagues the ex-inmates and their communities. We also provide great learning opportunities for young, agile students to be able to grow and serve the community through the Internship/Volunteer Programme HOW IT WORKS.  Online advertisement of positions  Applications  Review of applications and interviews.  Orientation on how the internship/volunteer experience works.  Interns/volunteers are inducted to the prisons and there after begin their service. OBJECTIVES.  To build empathy among the youth.  To serve the community emphasis in the prisons.  To build work experience among student interns to create better employment opportunities. BENEFITS  Build one’s work experience and interpersonal skills  Gain experience in their field of study  Play a role in peace building and security as they empower inmates to make positive decisions in their lives  Gain knowledge about Kenya’s Criminal Justice system.  Increase networks as they meet other volunteers and professionals.