Prison Passion


Creating ambassadors of change!

Ambassador (n): a representative or promoter of a specified activity

Nafisika is a demonstration of the power of volunteering. The change process in prison is driven by teams of volunteers from all works of life who are passionate about having safer communities. We believe that everyone has a skill or experience that is helpful in transformation. Most of the time, what is most needed is a helping hand. Every year, our volunteers log in thousands of man hours within the prison system actively participating in the various programs we have. 

Nafisika also works with inmates as representatives of change. From the very beginning when the founder met the inmates volunteering to teach it has always been our intention to have both current and former inmates as ambassadors of change. We encourage and work with past offenders who have gone on to rebuild their lives as event speakers to inmates and the public as a way getting everyone involved and showing that true reform is possible.