The Team


Programmes Coordinator

" The experience I've gotten working in prison has had a huge impact on my choices and over the years, ignited a burden in me for young people; thus i developed a passion for creating better and safer communities. I am a strong believer in mentorship which is key to impacting society and stir up change. I am particularly drawn to the spirit of volunteerism among young people and encourage them to be productive, goal oriented leaders"


Field Coodinator

“ My main motivation to volunteering was the desire to get involved in the empowerment, capacity building and betterment of other people’s lives. Now, I am drawn to help inmates discover their skills and talents by training them on new project that easy-to-understand tools that work as long term strategies in their reintegration and transition to society”


Training Associate

"It is not enough to be in love with the idea of changing the world, but going a step further and being part of this change. It was through working with the inmates that i was challenged to help develop leaders who can change the world and become better people in society. I am constantly drawn to empower each inmate to become leaders in their families, communities and country. To help nurture their abilities to become confident, self-reliant and be problem solvers in creative and unexpected ways"