Do you believe in the power of volunteerism? Do you have the passion of helping and supporting those around you? Join the team that has impacted the lives of hundreds of inmates and the ripple effect it has in community. Together let us change lives for a better society!

Are you a college or university student looking on implementing knowledge gained, building expertise and advancing your career? Do you love a good challenge? Do you have what it takes to lead in dynamic circumstances?
To build your leadership skills and have a robust work experience, sign up today for the Nafisika Volunteer Experience and have your life changed forever!
Three month internship positions are open every school semester.
Study Field: Anyone with a willing heart!

Nafisika seeks successful business executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, psychologists and other skilled, passionate professionals. At Nafisika, you’ll use your core competencies to “pay it forward.” Join us today to experience a powerful and rewarding volunteer experience as you mentor others on the path of success.

To build empathy among the youth and empower them to serve the community.

Providing internship and volunteering opportunities for the youth in various professions.

Advertisement of positions is done online and through the university internships office
Interns/Volunteers are apply through our office email (info@nafisikatrust.org) and send their CV
and cover letter to request for an opportunity.
The Programmes Coordinator reviews the applications and shortlists candidates for interviews.
Confirmed candidates fill in an online application before the interview and then proceed with the interviews.
After interviews, shortlisted candidates are invited for an orientation where they are guided on how the internship/volunteer experience works.
Interns/volunteers are then inducted to the prisons and there after begin their service.

To build empathy among the youth.
To serve the community emphasis in the prisons.
To reduce crime rates among the youth by engaging them in productive activities.
To build work experience among student interns to create better employment opportunities.
To reduce recidivism rates among inmates by empowering them with skills in education and entrepreneurship.

Build one’s work experience and therefore create better employment opportunities.
Gain experience in your field that will build on your future career.
Build on your interpersonal skills as you interact with different and diverse individuals.
Play a role in peace building and security as you empower inmates to make positive decisions in their lives.
Gain knowledge about Kenya’s Criminal Justice system.Increase your networks as you meet other volunteers and professionals.
Discover yourself more and vocational abilities.
Learn how to handle and overcome challenges, gain critical thinking and formulate solutions.

All interns who join Nafisika Trust and sign the contracts MUST be committed to their work until the contract is completed.
Students should be able to work for a minimum of three days a week.
Students should attend all the meetings they are required to.
Students who are shortlisted must attend the orientation and induction before they begin working in the designated prisons.
All students must submit a report of the work they did before getting a recommendation letter

All applicants must send their CV and cover letter when applying.
All applicants must submit two passport photos and a copy of their ID when attending the interview.

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